Lavender KIDS Pillow - MADE IN NZ
New Zealand Made Lavender Kids Pillow

Lavender KIDS Pillow - MADE IN NZ

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Please allow up to 2 weeks for production and dispatch.

Due to the exceptional popularity of the Original Lavender Pillow, Ellis Fibre has designed a KIDS Lavender Pillow as a handy addition to the Aromatherapy Pillow Range. The KIDS Lavender Pillow is specifically designed for children 2 years and older and is crafted to be a low profile pillow, all whilst utilising the soothing benefits of lavender scent.

The aroma of this pillow is guaranteed to last between 12-18 months; should the pillow lose its aroma during this time, setting it on a hard surface and kneading the middle of the pillow will bring back the fragrance.

The pillows are made using only natural oils and are entirely free of chemicals.

Each pillow also comes with a 2 year guarantee of unconditional fine workmanship and quality.

Washing Tips: Can be warm hand washed.