Our Products

We at Ellis Fibre are very proud of the fact that almost all of our pillows and duvets are made right here in our factory in Dunedin on New Zealand's breath-taking South Island. Producing locally means we can not only closely monitor every step of the production to guarantee that all of our products conform to our high quality standards, we can also make sure that the materials used for our products are exactly what we claim them to be. Because we strongly believe in the superior quality of New Zealand materials, for the production of our alpaca and wool duvets and pillows we exclusively use Lambswool and Alpaca fibre from New Zealand animals that spend their lives grazing on the beautiful, green farmlands of our lovely country. To create more awareness for the benefits of wool, Ellis Fibre is a proud supported of the Campaign for Wool.

Our wool and alpaca products are not the only products we take great pride in and we therefore make sure that our famous scented pillows are also of the highest quality, entirely free of chemicals and contain only natural oils that are enclosed in little bead sachets for extra-long lasting fragrance.