About Ellis Fibre

New Zealand, the small, green country at the base of the globe is a pocket of near-untouched beauty; vast farmlands, rugged beaches, pristine rivers, mountains and flatland, hot summers and cold winters. These extremes make it the perfect place to grow some of the finest and cleanest lambswool and alpaca fibre in the world.

Living amongst such beauty, Ellis Fibre is determined to pass on the beauty and pureness of New Zealand through their products and to provide its customers with the ultimate sleeping experience.

Founded in 1877 by Ephraim Ellis as Ellis (E) and Co Ltd as flock, bedding and quilt manufacturers. Ephraim Ellis was pioneer and started making Flock in a barn in Frasers Glen, Dunedin, New Zealand in 1877 with a single machine driven by water wheel. The business then transferred to its present site in Kaikorai Valley Road.

It name was changed to E. Ellis and Co and today the Quilting and bedding factory is known as Ellis Fibre Ltd. We’re very proud to be manufacturing the finest bedding products made with New Zealand’s natural resources for over 140 years.

A pioneer in New Zealand’s bedding industry and one of the country’s most innovative bedding companies, Ellis Fibre combines nature’s exceptional raw materials with the expertise of farmers and researchers, and the talent of their own design team to create products that provide their customers with years of restful and regenerating sleep.

Ellis Fibre, the founder of the famous Original Lavender Pillow, was the first bedware manufacturer to infuse soothing herbal blends into its bedding products. This innovation created an entirely new trend in the bedding world and made Ellis Fibre one of the leading bedding manufacturers in Australasia.

It is Ellis Fibre’s mission to guarantee that every customer enjoys the best sleep possible and the company works hard at keeping its quality at the highest standard, while at the same time developing new products to even better serve its customers.

Achieving this requires close monitoring and quality control. That’s why Ellis Fibre places great importance on locally manufacturing as many of their products as possible in their Dunedin factory.

The result is an elegant and tasteful range of pillows and duvets; soft to handle, wonderfully warm in winter, cool in summer, available in New Zealand and exported throughout the world.


Check out this video to see how your duvets and pillows are made in our factory in Dunedin.