Alpaca Bedding Products

The fibres of Alpaca fibre are extremely smooth, which allows for the creation of a fleece which softness often is compared to that of cashmere. Used for bedding, this creates a luxuriously soft and comfortable duvet or pillow without prickling.

Alpaca fibre is proven to be 25% warmer than sheep wool. The warmth is created by the tiny hollow areas within the centres of individual fibres that trap the warm air created through body heat and make sure that you stay warm in those cold winter nights.

The hollow structure of its fibres makes Alpaca also the lightest of all animal fibres, creating a bedding product that is extremely lightweight and comfortable to lay under.

Breathability and Moisture Absorbency:
Alpaca fibre has exceptional moisture wicking abilities. This means that the fibre first absorbs the body moisture, keeping sweat away from the body and then slowly releases the moisture to the outside of the duvet into the air, allowing for you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the whole night, summer and winter. The wicking also keeps your duvet odor and mildew free, creating a healthier sleep environment.

Alpacas lack the natural body oils produced by most animals. This makes Alpaca products naturally hypoallergenic.

Alpaca fibres are long and strong, which allows us to produce a product that will provide you with a great night’s sleep for a long time.

100% NZ Alpaca:
All Alpaca fibre used by Ellis Fibre is sourced from Pacific Alpacas. Pacific Alpacas is located in Central Otago on the South Island and is New Zealand’s Alpaca Fibre Pool. All Huacaya Alpaca fibres collected, sorted and scoured at Pacific Alpacas are certified to come exclusively from breeders and growers within New Zealand.

One of the farms we get our Alpaca fibre from is right outside our doorstep on the beautiful Otago Peninsula and Andy from Flagstaff Alpacas ( was kind enough to take some of our office staff out for a meet and greet with the Alpacas. As you can imagine, we had a great time!

Alpacas in New Zealand:
Alpacas are part of the camel family, originating in the Andean Altiplano region of Peru, Chile and Bolivia. To survive in the harsh  conditions of the Andes, Alpacas are equipped with a heavy fleece of fine, strong fibres that keeps them warm in the freezing winters and cool in the hot summers. Alpacas have always played an important role in the survival of families in South America, providing them with food, clothing and transportation.

Due to the limited impact Alpaca farming and the wool handling has on the environment, Alpaca fibre is considered the “greenest”, most environmentally friendly fibre available.

The first Alpacas that came to New Zealand were imported in 1987 from South America. Today, New Zealand is home to approximately 12,000 animals, living both on the North and the South Island, allowing us to provide you with our wonderful 100% New Zealand made Alpaca duvets.

Machine Washable Alpaca Duvet Process: