Product Care

Just as with any other product, the better you care for your bedding product, the longer it will bring you joy and a restful night.


  1. The first step in maintaining your wool product is to give it a good shake to help the fibres to remain fluffy and evenly spread out. While a daily shaking is not necessary for wool products, it is, nonetheless, recommended on a regular basis to keep the wool as lofty as possible.
  2. The second step in your duvet and pillow care, is to air it frequently in direct sunlight to help evaporate any moisture absorbed during the night. This reduces the risk of mildew and other bacteria growing on your duvet and pillow. 
  3. Every 18-24 months a more thorough cleaning is required to get rid of dead skin cells, body oils and dust mites. For this we recommend you take your duvet or pillow to a dry cleaning place and get it professionally dry-cleaned.